1. Event Participation - AtelierRoute Utrecht 2023 (the Netherlands)

    2023-05-12 17:02:54 UTC
    With pleasure, I inform that I’ll be a part of AterlierRoute Utrecht 2023 event, organized by Kunstliefde Ruimte voor Beeldende Kunst in Utrecht (Kunstliefde Space for Visual Arts), founded in 1807 and one of the oldest artists’ associations in the Netherlands. The AtelierRoute event is organized since 1989 for the…

  2. Interview - Gallery One962 (Italy)

    2023-05-12 16:20:12 UTC
    The interview page at Gallery One962 website I’m honored to be interviewed by the Curators of Italian Gallery One962, who previously presented my work at their venue. We talked about my inspirations, techniques, and ideas about art. The interview is on the collective “artists’ interviews” page, so scroll down to…

  3. Solo Exhibition - Gallery One962 (Italy)

    2023-02-20 15:42:29 UTC
    Winner Solo Exhibition at Gallery One962 (Italy)20th February - 2nd March 2023 As the winner of “December in Art 2022” International Abstract competition, I’m having my solo exhibition at the Italian Gallery One962. The virtual presentation of the exhibition will be available on the official gallery website: Gallery One962…

  4. Interview - U1 Gallery (Japan)

    2023-02-03 14:59:18 UTC
    Being interviewed by the curators of the Japanese U1 Gallery has been a true pleasure. It is a supplement to my solo exhibition, which is on display through February 6th. For the complete interview, in which I talk about my techniques, art process, and plans, click here: Read

  5. Solo Exhibition - U1 Gallery (Japan)

    2023-01-20 16:36:49 UTC
    With pleasure, I inform that my solo exhibition in U1 Gallery (Tokyo/Seoul) will take place from 23 January 2023 to 6 February 2023, and will show two series of my works: Biomes (open series, on canvas and board) and Variables (closed series, on paper). A virtual preview of the…

  6. To title or not to title?

    2023-01-04 19:45:22 UTC
    Kinga de Jongh, detail of “U270921”, mixed media on paper, 29 x 42cm I listened to many artists, who spoke about choosing a title for an artwork. Some people were for giving the abstract art titles and some were totally against it. Of course both sides had their own reasoning…

  7. Inspiration: Art Podcasts!

    2022-12-26 18:45:55 UTC
    Detail of U151022 by Kinga de Jongh I usually paint in silence. This is my way. It helps me focus on the task. I simply dive into my process and allow it to dissolve me into background. Often people don’t hear me speaking even two words together for a long…

  8. Winning the International Collective Exhibition at GalleryOne962 (Italy)

    2022-12-23 16:00:10 UTC
    I’m so happy to announce that me, Thelma Hopman and Robin Jack Sarner are the three winners of the International Collective Exhibition + Art Prize in Italian Gallery One962. It’s been an honor to participate the competition among so many excellent artists and to be a part of the exhibition…

  9. What lies behind my “Variables” series?

    2022-12-22 15:22:58 UTC
    I’ve been asked by many people about my “Variables” series, so perhaps it’s appropriate to make a bulk post, as there’s a substantial thing to talk about 1. What is the “Variables” series? The “Variables” is the series of mixed media paintings I’ve done in 2020 on primed paper (160g/m2).…

  10. Blog: What would you say to your younger self?

    2022-12-14 20:12:36 UTC
    As an artist or any other creative entrepreneur you are on the path of constant improvement. Growing, learning and refining skills is the most important part of your job. It’s not always easy and sometimes it takes years to notice your progress, yet it happens nonetheless. On your path you…

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