I always loved to write, painting came much later, through printing and printing I still like the most. But in all of these aspects I create worlds of my own. Or perhaps I invent them? In my mind there’s a map of things I want to portray. All I must do is connect the dots.

Kinga de Jongh – born in Central Europe, living in the Netherlands, educated in commercial/concept design, in prints, printmaking and editing. She started her art career with design, printing and digital painting. Since 2018 she's focused on abstract painting. Her experience with other professionals and working for printing/publishing houses laid the path for her future personal experiments. She blended her earned skills into mixed media creation, consisting of monotype, acrylic and a usage of heavy mediums - on paper, board and canvas. She usually puts her passion for astronomy into devising heavy-textured, organic pieces that resemble new worlds. Her main goal is to explore texture the way humanity explores space - with meticulous dedication.

In her work, which is abstract or surrealistic, Kinga de Jongh prefers to explore paper or canvas freely, without limits. Acrylics and monotype are her favorite techniques, but she usually combines them, loyal to the concept of limitless space, and facing her personal "horror vacui". She is fond of heavy textures and often uses additional mediums to create characteristic, three-dimensional surfaces she calls "biomes." It is a certain way of constructing – there’s always a plan, put in points, scribbled somewhere in a notebook or on a torn piece of paper. She builds a part of reality with the blocks she has, experimenting and combining them together. A map, or actually – the entire atlas. She creates a system of organic layers that come to life, become possible and real. The important thing is a subjective, individual experience of those who look at the finished piece.

I will not state the usual thing: that through art I channel my feelings. I do not.

Instead, I try to invoke some human feelings in others.

Kinga de Jongh


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